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Chiropractic From The Heart in Hamburg with Dr. Stew Bittman

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Friday, June 29, 2018 18.00-22.00
Saturday, June 30, 2018 10.00-1800

Would you love to serve and practice according to your deepest values and intentions? Does your head get in the way of practicing and living in alignment with what you know to be true in your heart? Do you go to seminars and get “pumped up” and then “lose it” quickly thereafter?

Join us for a “booster shot” of chiropractic principle, a host of tools to continually grow in consciousness and improve your life and practice, a safe place to release everything that no longer serves you and, generally, a life-changing weekend to fall back in love with chiropractic and yourself!

Suitable for DCs, heilpraktikers, CAs, significant others & patients.

This transformative experience is limited to 24 participants! You must pre-register & pay for your spot by 18 June.

Fee: £399 per attendee for 1st - timers / £249 for past attendees.

EARLBIRD: pay on or before 31 December, SAVE £50 ( £349 / £199)


Where? SASEL-HAUS Saseler Parkweg 3 22393 Hamburg

What? Friday night (18.00-22.00) : Breathwork. A powerful, positive, safe and sacred experience. Using our own breathing to break through blocks, fears and stuck energy, we’re free to discover our own wholeness & love and serve more whole-heartedly.

Saturday (10.00-18.00) : Principled communication, core values, heart & headspace, philosophy, tools to overcome attachments, fears, doubts & negativity so we can align our doing with our highest values and the highest vision of who we are.

Who? Click the links for a Bio of Dr. Stew and a plethora of testimonials.

For further information contact Dr. Stew by email.


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Cahill Chiropractic
157 Waverley Rd Malvern East 3145

$125 for DCs; $100 for students, CAs and significant others.

This transformative experience is limited to 20 participants


Stew's Chiropractic Seminars
and Talks

arrow Principled Beginnings
A startup and fire up for students and new

arrow How to Live Your Dreams in Practice
Your practice is a reflection of who you are

arrow How to Practice from Your Heart and

Tools to open the heart and share your gifts
with the world

arrow Philosophy for the Practicing Chiropractor The reasons why we do what
we do and how to apply them in practice

arrow The Mission of Chiropractic
Philosophy and inspiration

Heart-To-Heart Mentoring

Using compassionate inquiry into self and
focusing on feelings and needs, we can
embrace our greatness and bring our highest
purpose to our day to day life. We can apply
practical, heart-centered tools that help bring
to light any thoughts and beliefs that
unconsciously block our highest expression,
and transform them. This mentoring
program is one-on-one and perfect for anyone
looking for more joy and success in life.

Seminars and Talks for Everyone

arrow Living Your Highest Vision
How to show up in life as our highest selves

arrow Service Without Strings

Learning to succeed and to find fulfillment
thru serving others

Prosperity is Your Birthright
Health is Your Birthright
Joy is Your Birthright- love, wisdom...
A Life Without Fear


Workshops with Hillary & Stew

arrow Living from the Heart
A weekend including breathwork, forgiveness work and other tools designed to open the heart and help people realize more of our true selves.

Additional Workshops

(All available as one day or weekend retreat) available for all workshops on:

arrow Compassionate Communication
arrow Prosperity
arrow Forgiveness
arrow Relationships
arrow Relationship as a Path to Spirit
arrow Spiritual Life Skills
arrow Breathwork
arrow Learning to Love Self
arrow Meditation

arrow Couples Advance

Other Services

arrow Spiritual counseling for individuals and couples, focusing on what’s right with you and how to bring out your highest Truth
arrow Memorials/Celebrations of Life
arrow Spiritual Baptisms
arrow Rituals to mark all transitions/rites of passage/celebrations/etc.
arrow Spiritual, Holistic and Energy Healing
(Including Reiki and Zenith)

Chiropractic Life Workshop

Join us for a weekend and develop your art and philosophy of chiropractic for life.

Email Us for more information

If interested in a detailed listing of Inspirational Cd’s CLICK HERE.

For more information on live seminars contact Hillary and Stew at 530-577-7135 or Email Us.

If you are interested in booking an event or seminar that you would like Stew and Hillary to be a part of, contact us at 530-577-7135 or Email Us.

Stew and Hillary Bittman seminars and workshops are available locally or globally.


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